The rooftop garden provides the crowning feature atop OKU Office, a perfect way to combine indoor and outdoor space within the same development. The garden provides an ideal view over surrounding waterways, greenery and the city life below in the streets and the main square.

The hidden gem

A real life
urban oasis

The garden inspires the residents in the building to utilise the space in any number of ways; from working outside, a place to enjoy lunch or coffee with friends and colleagues, for social events or work out classes or simply somewhere to sit quietly and take a moment to recharge.


Garden views

The roof garden is accessible at 4 points from the main building with each access location taking the visitor on a meandering path that loops around the building and revealing new views on the garden landscape at every turn. The positioning of the roof terrace and its low level maximises the available sun throughout the daylight hours and also minimises the wind levels in the garden.

Versatile seating areas

Three beautifully designed seating areas have been positioned throughout the garden to provide space as a workplace, meeting place or for office drinks at the end of a productive work day.


The roof garden provides an oasis of greenery along the meandering walkway and around the various meeting places. The planting has been chosen specifically to create varying color and greenery all year round whilst supporting the local bee population. The planting provides added value for the environment through shade and transpiration that cools the surrounding atmosphere and recovers the city heat.


For those working in the office, green zones are planted to provide privacy to avoid being distracted by those who choose to enjoy some outdoor time in the garden.

Garden design

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