OKU Office is approx. 6,500 sqm LFA, the total building forms a perfect square shape with each floor measuring 40 x 40 meter which provide uniquely large and deep floors.

Smart design

One unique
office building

The building above OKU Office is built on pillars, part of which goes through the construction of OKU Office, in effect placing the footprint of two separate buildings on the space that only one would normally occupy. A special architectural and construction element that helps to address the scarcity of space in the city of Amsterdam.

The overall office space has been designed with the principal in mind of building on or replacing in a more sustainable way the original building design and materials.


Construc­tion approach

The exterior of the building is where that philosophy begins with the original façade being reinstated using aluminium, glass and concrete and recreating the original façade as accurately as possible. The façade is an important part of this development to ensure the building as a whole is sustainable and future proof. The exterior approach also maximises the available light to create optimum working conditions within the office floor space. In addition the new entrance into the building provides a beautifully appointed access point leading the visitor into the heart of OKU Office. BREEAM Excellent certification is being pursued for OKU Office. Read more about this in the BREEAM case study.

  • Large floors of approx. 2,000 sqm LFA
  • Rooftop garden
  • Void
  • Open
  • Connectivity
  • Privacy with areas to interact

The interior approach has likewise been to preserve where possible the original structure whilst bringing light, space and opening up the overall floor space to create a perfect working environment.



Original concrete, beams, pillars and floors have all been stripped and modernised, yet retained to preserve the character of the original construction. Internal walls have been strengthened or replaced and the overall design installation principles have allowed for the concrete structure of beams and columns to remain visible. The resulting large and open floor areas offer limitless possibilities for businesses in their potential use and configuration and can be tailored to individual needs.

To ensure OKU Office is a healthy, user-friendly and lively office a series of improvements are being made in order to create additional light sources, improve visibility, versatility and flow within the total building space.

Open and energizing


A new entrance, mezzanine and roof construction including terrace provide a vibrant flow throughout the OKU Office space. At its center, a void is introduced as a functional, connecting and spatial heart of the building; floors are now interconnected and daylight reaches the very core of the space. The new improvements in their form follow the language and materialization of the existing concrete structure.


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